Do I need a TerraCycle® account to start recycling?

This all depends on how you'd like to get involved.

If you would like to drop off your waste at your nearest public drop-off location, you do not require a TerraCycle® account. Simply visit the program page where you can find our interactive map (these are program specific) and use it to find your nearest public drop-off location. 

If you'd like to start collecting waste for your household (as a private collector) or if you'd like to set up your own public drop off location, you will be required to create a TerraCycle® account before joining a program. Please have a look at the helpful labels above the free recycling program names to easily identify, at a glance, how the program will work, for example, if there are spaces for you to join or if you will need to drop off your waste.

Please find the user guide video below: 

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