Are the Zero Waste Boxes shipped in plastic packaging?

In the US, we're rolling out our new reusable shipping bag (finally!) to replace the plastic bag that the boxes are currently shipped in. Not everyone who orders on the webshop will receive their order in the new bag. We only ordered a few thousand to test them out 

before placing a larger order. 

Customers that receive the bag will have two options: 

  1. They can keep it and reuse it (we've provided DIY ideas on the website for way they can reuse it)
  2. Send it back to us using the UPS label that's included

We're asking customers that receive the bag to take the survey and give us their feedback. Our goal is to gather feedback over the next few weeks, make changes if needed and then place a full order so that we can entirely eliminate the plastic shipping bag this fall (for the US and Canada).

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