How can I redeem points for my chosen charity?

TerraCycle points are credited to the accounts of private collectors and public drop-off point administrators as a reward for their collection efforts. The total weight of the parcel determines the number of points given. 1 TerraCycle point is worth 1 cent.

To redeem your points for the non-profit organization of your choice:

  1. Visit our Rewards page
  2. You can then redeem your points to a pre-approved TerraCycle partner charity
  3. Or you can search for a non-profit organization of your choice.
  4. Choose the number of points you wish to redeem (as a reminder, the minimum redemption amount is 2,500 points)
  5. Check your cart's contents and click "confirm" to close the transaction.

Need help finding the non-profit organization of your choice? Click here to learn how to add a new charity.

Please note that we pay out donations twice annually. All points redeemed between the November 1st and the April 30th will be donated in June. Points redeemed between the May 1stand the October 31st will be donated in January.

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