I can’t download a free shipping label. Why?

Changes may have been made to the program.

Due to the growing popularity of our programs, we may have to amend program rules to make them more efficient. We may change the type of collectors registered on the program or the organizations we are partnered with, and it may be the case you've been affected by these changes. Any change which affects you as a collector is communicated well in advance, so we urge you to check your e-mails from TerraCycle.

You've been removed from the program.

Collectors must send in a parcel of waste every six months to remain on a program. If you do not send in waste within this time frame, you will be removed from the program to allow space for others to join.

You haven't joined a program yet.

We only accept waste sent to us from registered collectors. You can find out more information on getting involved here. 

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