How does the Lavazza recycling program work?

Lavazza updated the recycling program with the goals of eliminating the need for distributor involvement and providing a white-glove simplified experience for you, the customer. Beginning on September 1, 2021, you will need to order a Zero Waste Box directly from TerraCycle for $99 to recycle your used Freshpacks. Because the box can hold about 1,650 Freshpacks, the cost to recycle is only $0.06 per Freshpack, which is in line with competitive recycling programs.

To continue recycling, please complete the following steps:

  1. Register & Request – Visit to sign up for an account and request to join the Recycle Your Freshpacks program. You will receive a welcome email from TerraCycle within 7-10 Business Days.
  2. Order – Click the Zero Waste Box link on the program page to be directed to TerraCycle's ecommerce site to order a box.
  3. Collect – Set up a collection area using the Zero Waste Box for employees and guests to deposit used Freshpacks. Please ship when the box is completely full to minimize the carbon footprint of the program.
  4. Send – The Zero Waste Box comes with a pre-affixed UPS carbon-neutral shipping label. Check that your office has a regularly scheduled UPS pickup service and place the box with your outbound shipments. If not, you can drop it off at your nearest UPS location.
  5. Reorder – Reorder another Zero Waste Box so you can continue recycling Freshpacks!

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